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Gold Painted Swan Chu Dau Ceramic Vase

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The vase was reproduced as model of antique ceramic vase at the Dynastic of King Le (15th centuries). It was taken out from a sunk ship at Cu Lao Cham island. In 2012, the vase was awarded as the national precious item and kept in Vietnamese History Museum now. The vase was drawn by hand with patterns (glaze was made from the ash of sticky rice skin – awarded by Vietnam Guiness Record for “ the only glaze made from ash of sticky rice skin” with 3 parts:

The neck of Vase is decorated the design of the banana leaf and the rice leaf which shows a familiar, rustic image in the Red River Data.

The shoulder of the vase represented the King military orders.

The vase body is the image of the swan with 4 positions:  The promotion, Intelligence, Prosperity and Wealthy.

The bottom of the vase is a stylized lotus motif that represents the beauty of Buddhist and the belief in Buddhism of the Vietnamese.

The vase is double – burned ceramic that combined the tradition and modernity. .  The vase in which the 5 basic elements (metal, wood, water, fire, earth  according to Eastern philosophy) gather is especially good for “Feng shui”.

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