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The Gold Painted Pearl Droplet Vase

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The vase used an antique “Chu Dau” ceramic vase model. The patters, motifs truly represents Vietnamese national character. The vase was covered by enamel ash that was made from burning sticky husks. The design of the vase was separated into 3 parts:

The rim of vase is patterned with “Lac Viet “ Bird’s Plume which was used to decorate “Hung” King’s crown.
The body decorated with daisy pattern symbolizes a honorable man. Beside that is the flower pattern as the image of the woman who always accompanies him.

The foot of the vase is stylized as petal of lotus express for the beauty of Buddhism, for the Buddhist belief as the origin of the Vietnamese.

The vase is double – burned ceramic that combined the tradition and modernity. . The vase in which the 5 basic elements (metal, wood, water, fire, earth  according to Eastern philosophy) gather is especially good for “Feng shui”.

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