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Wealth Chu Dau Ceramic Vase Under A Story “Ly Ngu Vong Nguyet”

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The vase was drawn and patterned by hand under a old story with the meaning:

A pair of carps living healthy - has been generalized into a philosophy of living which symbolized the will to rise in the lives of each Vietnamese people. Carp is the image of Apricot Carpenter on December 23 - a symbol indispensable in the spiritual life of Vietnamese.
Carp is also the symbol representing the ruling class. The "dragon carp" image represents the will to forward. The sun symboils Father, the moon symboils mother, two objects bring light to all beings in the vast pillar close to all living beings in the world.

The vase not only honors the talents of the artists of Chu Dau but it also builds up the reputation of Vietnamese ceramics.

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