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Chu Dau Swan Vase

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Expressing the human life has always been filled, Regal, talented, sublimation, prospered.

Swan vase, also known as the average non-Intelligent-Sufficiency-Pottery artisans are Bean pot by ancient Zhou Zhou dynasty Bean-Le (XIV-XV). Antique pottery vases are Vietnam cultural heritage Bureau certified as national treasures, are currently being kept at the Museum of the history of Vietnam.
The average was manually drawn under men divided into three parts:
The shoulder joint is drawing glyphs military ranks, military command, the King post ban-Express title, success in society.
Especially the dominant motifs painted vase Swan with four symbolic picture is the posture of "Phi-Ming-Student-Real" human life has always been filled, Regal, talented, sublimation, prospered.
Leg section is the texture of stylized Lotus petals, represents the culture and beliefs of the prosperous.

Chu Dau ceramics: Beauty of shape-am about men-texture pattern shake your heart. Ivory white glaze colour blue flowers and blue motifs, are the artisans make from the soil of the region Long "Green glass, d". Marine Corps is the first Green, d is: Long, glass, qui, Phoenix. Only with husk ash, lime, kaolin Earth, that the ancient artisans did should something strange: senior men men mens turquoise glaze, ivory, blue ...

Beside the Swan vase products with ivory white glaze with blue traditional motifs, Chu Dau Ceramics also provided drawing Swan vase products gold-a masterpiece of ceramic line combines tradition and modernity. Especially the average draw gold good about Feng Shui, satisfies the marble Yin Yang: metal (gold), Moc (husk ash glaze), Aqua (water), fire (fire), Earth (ground). Ceramic vases painted gold of Chu Dau was Vietnam craft village Association certified as a handicraft product essential United Vietnam village. respectfully present to you the vase Chu Dau swans from traditional villages Vietnam's famous Bean Cycle, this will be meaningful gift for relatives, friends or used as decorative products, on display in the cozy rooms of the family Oriental cultural imprint Vietnam.
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