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ASEM pottery Chu Dau ceramic on the mouth is feather Lac Viet express the aspirations of independence, freedom of the nation.

ASEM pottery Chu Dau pottery on the mouth is feather Lac Viet express the aspirations of independence, freedom of the nation.

The main focus on the vase is the four scenes: Xuan - Lower - Autumn - East.

        Heaven has four seasons: Spring - Lower - Autumn - East.

        There are four directions: East - Tay - South - North.

        Human life through: Birth - Aging - Destiny - Death.

Chu Dau Pottery: Beautiful in shape - Morning in men - Pattern motifs to stir the heart. White glazed blue and blue motifs, made by artisans from the special soil of the Long Dong "Hyacinth, Four Spirit". Green is the water of the head, four ghosts are: Long, glass, phoenix. Only with the husk ash, lime, soil, kaolin that the ancient artisans made a strange premium yeast: glaze, ivory, glaze ...

Besides the asem with white ivory vase with traditional blue motifs, Chu Dau Pottery also offers gold asem ash pottery - a pottery masterpiece of traditional and modern combination. Especially gold plated good feng shui, convergent enough yang yang: Kim (gold), wood (rice husk ash), Water (fire), fire (earth). Chu Dau's gold-plated pottery is honored to be recognized by the Vietnam Handicraft Association as a fine art craft village in Vietnam. would like to introduce to you the Chu Dau Pottery Pots as well as the famous Chu Dau traditional village of Vietnam. This will be a meaningful gift for your relatives, friends or for decorating, displayed in the cozy room of the family bearing bold cultural mark Vietnam.

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