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The Blue Vase

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The Blue Vase's roundness symbolizes the heavens; while its cylinder shape is the virtuous man who is the pillar for his family and of society.

Chu Dau Hoa Lam ceramic vase was drawn by hand with patterns, reflecting the ancient shape of Chu Dau ceramics under Tran – Le dynasty during 14-15th century. The original one is now kep in Vietnamese History Museum. Now, the ancient Hoa lam Chu Dau ceramic vase with the height of 56 cm is being formally displayed in Tokapi Saray museum in Instanbul capital of Turkey and being consider as one of 3 national precious items of the museum which is insured for millions of US Dollars.

Hoa lam ceramic vase was drawn with patterns of indigo flower. It has the round shape – a symbol of heaven, straight pillar – a symbol of a honorable man who was the supporter of his family and society. The vase was drawn by hand with patterns then was put on surface a layer of glaze which is made from the ash of sticky rice skin.

The rim of the vase was patterned with  flower line, lemon flowers are close and familiar images of the rice culture of the Red River delta. The vase shoulder is the pattern of the king military order showing the position of the man in society. The body decorated with daisy pattern symbolizes a honorable man. Beside that is the flower pattern as the image of the woman who always accompanies him.

The foot of the vase is stylized as petal of lotus express for the beauty of Buddhism, for the Buddhist belief as the origin of the Vietnamese.
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