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Bao lien Chu Dau pottery

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Bao Lien Chu Dau pottery is a high-class pure Vietnamese products are produced entirely by hand.

Products are created in the process of labor, creativity with strict technical procedures, accurate. Pottery production process consists of 5 main stages: soil preparation, product shaping, decorative pattern, glaze and burning.

The carving process is shaped by traditional method of pouring, clay with raw materials are purified from white clay source in Truc Thon - Chi Linh - Hai Duong; Cylinders exploited in the mountainous provinceas of northern Vietnam.

Carved and smoothed by hand, it is then dried and transferred to the decorative stage under the glaze (this is the most important stage).

Under the skillful hand, the creativity of the Chu Dau pottery artists has created a vase decorated with a soft design decorated with a lotus flower, which converges fully in its philosophical meaning. study - noble people. Therefore, the lotus becomes the national flower - the symbol of the Vietnamese soul.

After complete painting, the product is covered with natural enamel (glaze extracted from rice husk ash - the glaze was set up exclusively record Vietnam). Thus, creating unique glaze colors can not be confused with other ceramic products on the market.

Beside the products of ivory white with traditional lamellas, Chu Dau Pottery also provides gold-plated pots - a masterpiece of traditional and modern pottery. Especially gold plated good feng shui, convergent enough yang yang: Kim (gold), wood (rice husk ash), Water (fire), fire (earth). Chu Dau's gold-plated pottery is honored to be recognized by the Vietnamese Handicraft Association as a fine art craft village in Vietnam. would like to introduce to you the Chu Dau pottery vase from the famous traditional village of Chu Dau in Vietnam, this will be a meaningful gift for relatives, friends or for decorative purposes. , displayed in the cozy room of the family bearing the cultural mark of Vietnam.

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