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Thien Loc Chu Dau pottery

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Thien Loc Chu Dau pottery is pure Vietnamese pure products are produced entirely manually.

The pot is hand-painted in three sections:

The ancient picture is the image of flowers, lemon flowers show the civilization of the Red River Delta.

The vase itself is decorated with daisy flowers - representing the great light man, the successful man in society. Besides the flower pattern, as the silhouette of the woman always accompanies the path of success of the man.

Footprints are stylized Lotus wing stylized, representing the culture of prosperity of the Vietnamese people.

Chu Dau Pottery: Beautiful in shape – Bright glaze - Pattern motifs shake the heart. White glaze with blue and blue motifs, made by artisans from the special soil of Long Dong "Hyacinth, Four Spirit". Green is the water of the head, four ghosts are: Long, glass, phoenix. Only with the husk ash, lime, soil, kaolin that the ancient artisans made a strange premium yeast: glaze, ivory, glaze ... would like to introduce to you the Chu Dau pottery bowl from the traditional village of Chu Dau famous in Vietnam, this will be a gift to relatives, friends or use as decorative products. , displayed in the cozy room of the family bearing the cultural mark of Vietnam. 

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